who we are

The Cross Pollination (mobile show and tell) tour is you and:

franciszka voeltz (aka: frantelope. frankie. franny pack): i am a poet in recovery (for the summer) from grad school. i have a bright orange cursive typewriter and i once lived in a treehouse named the jolly roger. i just wrote a poem to the entire universe which i am bringing on this tour to share with you. i have recently transitioned from leading writing workshops in prisons and community centers in portland, oregon to teaching undergrads at uc-san diego. i write what some call documentary poetry which is a genre i believe to be largely about holding the white supremacist colonialist heteropatriarchy responsible for its actions while also honoring/not allowing ourselves to forget our dead. (see blog here). i have otherwise been known as an: anchor, collector, magician, seer, homebody/adventurer, firecracker/lullabye, lion/mouse, open-heart surgeon in a sequin mask. i have been waiting my entire life to meet you.

debbie rasmussen (aka: weed. smoosh. fawngonemad.): i am a cultural worker, media maker, traveling street librarian, and facilitator/supporter for people and projects looking to evolve from hierarchical structures to cooperative, collective ones. i am also a lifelong learner who often struggles with knowing when to step forward and when to step back. i loved show and tell when i was wee, and am incredibly excited for this tourmy main role will be driving and setting up/opening the zine mobile for you, and background logistics. i’ll also share adventures from the past year of living on the road with a library van. i have otherwise been known as: a bitch, a witch, a bridge, a multi-spirited freak of nature, enlightened oscar the grouch.

And we will be touring in:

fly away zine mobile: i am a free zine lending library, DIY/self-publishing skill-sharer, and mini reading room traveling across North America. I organize/support events focused on literacy and self-publishing, host open library/reading hours, visit people unable to leave where they are, and co-organize adventures like this. i’m the first piece of an emerging traveling caravan that seeks to support and create free skill-sharing and community-building (and since i generally drive at cruising speed or slower, i aspire to be the caboose). i’m also a sibling to the Zine Apothecary, a garage-based zine library in Minneapolis. I’ve otherwise been known as: emergency library and typewriter lender, zine pusher, a former mobile branch of the decolonize/occupy oakland library, zine van, fly away library. i thrive on love, music, and zines; i have a small collection of musical instruments for lending and also a free box! Do you want to travel in/with the zine mobile?  Get in touch — zinemobile(at)gmail(dot)com.