call for participants/collaborators

Dear friends, comrades, strangers, family, collaborators, colleagues, lovers and otherwise brilliant human beings,

we (debbie and franciszka) are delighted to request the honor and joy of your participation in our upcoming collective project: Cross Pollination – a mobile show and tell tour! We are extending this heartful invitation to you to work with us. We are specifically looking for:

•People who’d like travel with us in the zine mobile (see description below) for a spell, or caravan with us on your own wheels while offering your art/wisdom/skills for a stretch along the way.
•People stationed in their own communities to offer art/wisdom/skills.
•People who would like to organize a gathering/event in your community (see vision statement for examples of types of events. if that is too open-ended, consider hosting a show and tell, however you’d like that to look!)
•People who can offer couch/floor space for us/our tourmates to sleep
•People excited to toss us some virtual sparkles through the cosmos as we cruise on our way and hi-five us once we land.

On whatever level you can participate, we’re thrilled to have (and depend on) your involvement in ways that are meaningful and exciting to you! We are interested in working with people of all backgrounds and ages, including kids!

While our exact route isn’t planned, we know this much: We’ll depart southern California in the Fly Away Zine Mobile in the last week of June and head north through California, Oregon, Washington, British Columbia and then push east  possibly through Nevada, Utah, Colorado, Missouri, Tennessee, Wisconsin, Iowa and Minnesota ending in Nebraska in early August. Part of the beauty of this loosely sketched (and open to interpretation) route is that your replies of desire to participate will help determine our destinations/route. If we haven’t named your state in this list, it doesn’t mean it’s off the table; it’s just a possibility we hadn’t yet considered.

Please reference our vision statement (in link at top of page) to help you get a more clear idea of our vision and intentions. If you find yourself getting more excited as you read on, write us! Let us know how you’d like to be involved! We’re so looking forward to hearing from you!

In anticipation, with love and gratitude,

franciszka, debbie, and the fly away zine mobile

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