Los Angeles, CA @ Home Room

Whereupon the Zinemobile and a church bus converted into a mobile craft space  converged in LA at Home Room art space and gallery.

(Ricardo Andres presents placemat drawings and his process of creating them.)

Perhaps most amazing (what am I saying, it was all amazing) was the man who shared the story about how he never biked a mile in his life and just that day (or the day before) he finished a 100-mile ride. (It’s the man in the white Tshirt below perched on the stool who told this story). He ended his tale with something along the lines of: keep trying, you’ll be surprised to find that you can do anything.

At the end of the night, Paul who lives in Long Beach was so kind to offer us the sweetest resting/sleeping spot in his one room apartment. He left the show early to do some linen-washing for us and when we arrived, we found the coziest makeshift beds made up on the couch and floor, complete with cushions and dinosaur sheets! He is studying sociology at UC Irvine, loves dinosaurs, told us where to get the good coffee and internets and shared the tattoo on the top of his foot which was a portrait of one of the founding fathers (Durkheim?) of sociology. Sometimes I think this kind of kindness from ‘strangers’ is what going on tour is really about.

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