San Diego, CA @ The Coven

Kick off show!!! While we were hoping to avoid ‘playing shows’ and instead hosting a room blooming with the wonder that a show and tell can bring, we couldn’t have hoped for anything more magical for this night!!!!! Hosted at one of the local collective houses (the coven), guests were greeted by the zine mobile in the driveway for browsing and then a potluck in the kitchen.
Kyle (AKA Bearsnail) from Denver, Colorado kicked the night off by playing the acoustic guitar with his heart as a pick, his eye contact and sing-alongs as badassery and his sweat as proof. I’m pretty sure most of us walked away humming turn up the volume, turn up the volume, turn up the volume and live!
Rae (AKA one tough cookie) from Asheville, North Carolina worked the ultimate collection of kids (and other small) instruments including: a ukelele, a set of bells, a tiny accordian, a keyboard with fantastic casio dance beats. Some people need a whole gathering of musicians to carry their songs. Not Rae. Rae is the gathering. Nothing but lungs and rhythm.
After we performed (shared a map of our tour,  Debbie on accordion for Franciszka’s unveiling of dear beloveds [a poem to the entire universe] , followed by an audience participation moment of inviting the audience to write lines/sentences/paragraphs as part of a collective poem to the entire universe), Ken from a nearby San Diego collective led a zine-making and freewrite workshop that went into the almost wee hours of the morning. The energy left in the room for this (usually sleepy hour) venture was strong. Mutual. Quiet and deep. Encouraging. Which also speaks to the amazing sense of connection and inspiration that brought itself over and over throughout the night! And all we have to show for it is our swollen (with connection and inspiration) hearts, this video of bearsnail, and this photo of Rae and Kyle (the two in the back left) and dreamy and energized showgoers:


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